The Vision

The Vision // Partner With Me

My vision is loving and freeing those around the world who are oppressed in different ways.

Specifically, I would love to start or work for a multidisciplinary arts center like COCA in St. Louis or Urban Gateways in Chicago. The focus would be developing skills and confidence in inner-city or at-risk children through the arts. I also have a passion for helping those who feel trapped by mental illness, although I’m not sure how to do that yet. This dream feels far-off, but I am working to learn what it would take to launch something like this. In the meantime, I want to meet and learn from like-minded people.

If you have interest or experience in any of the following, please contact me and let’s be friends! I want to learn from you!

Yoga (I love doing yoga with friends)

Writing (write a guest post on my blog!)

Music (let’s jam!)

Art (let’s paint!)

Nutrition/holistic health

Spanish (practice Spanish with me!)

Jamberry nails (join my team!)


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