About Me

Firstly, I’m a lover of Jesus.

Then, I’m a graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelors in Art History and minors in Theatrical Studies and Spanish. 

487682_10151911293515725_1957530377_nI love all things having to do with expression, all things beautiful. I’m always singing. My favorite word is sunshine and my favorite color is green. I LOVE meeting new people and making friends! My media drug of choice is always social networking… I hardly ever watch TV. I’m an artist of many types, and you’ll never catch me doing math if I can help it.

My blog often serves the purpose of one of my favorite pastimes: removing the elephant from the room. His name is Greg, and lot of people just let him hang around. But I’m not about that. So time and time again I look around the room incredulously, and say, “Oh, come ON people.” And I usher him out again. He’s a nice elephant. He just doesn’t need to be in the room.

Hopefully you enjoy my posts and subscribe.

If nothing else I hope you know this: You are loved!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Miss Jordan Lee. My name is Ryan. I’d like to nominate you for a very inspiring blogger award (I promise this is not spam 🙂 )
    Please check it out when you get the chance

    thank you for being a force for good in this world, and for shining that light of yours. you’re a good friend and a good writer.

    Praise Him who is able to do far better than anything we could ask!


  2. Hi Jordan,

    I’m Courtney from Cotopaxi. I was looking through your blog and saw that you’re passionate about giving back and making a difference. Cotopaxi was founded on those principals. We create outdoor adventure gear that funds poverty alleviation across the globe.

    This season is all about giving, but there’s no reason it should stop when the holiday season ends!

    To celebrate the giving season, and giving in general, we put together a graphic, inspired by our giving guide, that shows a few unique ways in which people can be proactive in giving back to those in need. Since you’re clearly one of the special people who embrace the spirit of giving, I thought maybe you’d be interested in helping us spread this around. Maybe we can inspire a few others to give back even after this season!

    Adventure on,

    PS. Here’s a short video that explains more about us: https://vimeo.com/101418328

    • Hi Courtney,
      I’d be happy to put your graphic on my blog, I haven’t been writing much this year in order to focus on other things. But you can email me missjordanlee22 (at) gmail . com to chat more. Thanks!

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