radiant moments from inside an orchid jar

Today I found a mason jar I’d decorated last semester — I painted it in Radiant Orchid because it’s the color of the year, not to mention a color I regularly obsess over, and I wrote on it, “glory jar.”

I’d gotten the idea for a glory jar from Pinterest. The object is to write your favorite moments on slips of paper as the year progresses, putting them in the jar. Then, at the end of the year, take them out and read them all. Sounds like a fantastic idea, right?

Well, I suck at it.
I almost always forget to write down the cool or memorable things that happen to me.

So today when i found the jar again, I took some time to sit on my bed and write some of my favorite memories from the summer and from this school year so far. In light of just having seen The Giver last night, it struck me how absolutely magical some of the moments have been. I have had the opportunity to travel a lot over the last couple of years, and I’ve met some fantastic people. I’ve laughed and exchanged thoughts with people who grew up in the south of Spain, and shared meals with someone whose equivalent of “moving all the time as a child” meant living in countries all over Europe. I’ve had the opportunity to sit and listen to different homeless men talk about their lives on the streets of Madrid, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. I have seen festivals that lifted my spirits and rituals that left me in speechless reverence. Climbed to beautiful heights and walked though the commonly taken streets of cities. Sat in plazas and observed the life that takes place everyday in places that are completely strange to me. All this and more, and I’m just one person. Everyone has moments like these to share.

Yet I’ve failed to preserve some of the memories. In words, at least. And i realized that more fully today.

I’ve gotten to capture some cool things from my travels over the past couple years on my Instagram , @missjordanlee. Take a moment to stop by, if you’re interested. Or ask to see my sketches, because those are a thing, too.

But I still want to begin to preserve these memories that God gives me in words, as well. They are worth sharing with others, the real, human, gritty, lovely, joyful, smile-inducing moments of life. I hope you’ll share yours too… Mine aren’t more important than anyone else’s. They are simply mine to describe, if I can.

But I think getting in the habit of sharing these small, sparkling memories helps you to look for them, and cherish them as you move forward and live them. It helps you find gratitude, and it reminds you how colorful and joyful it is to be human. So I’m going to try and do it more often and more eloquently, and I hope you will too.


2 thoughts on “radiant moments from inside an orchid jar

  1. Nice honey and well put! Question: If I do this with you, do I have to paint it Radiant Orchid and call it a “Glory Jar”? 🙂

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