identity samples: intro

I recently read this book by Christine Caine called Can I Have and Do It All, Please? 


(The fact that I read things like this is why I get teased and called “mom” by my friends. It’s fine.)

Yes, this book is mostly geared towards women who have husbands and children. But the principles are applicable to most American Christians. I’m busy, you’re busy, the world throws a million demands at you, and how do we live here and yet still find time to wake up an hour early and pray for all the things on our list, plus persecution in the Middle East? And if you can get to bed at 10pm the night before, an hour earlier to work out? It just seems like there’s never enough time to even REMEMBER who you are, let alone live it out. This is definitely more than a mom problem.  If you relate, it’s a pretty good book to help you process having this lifestyle while walking with the Lord.

One of the chapters I enjoyed the most from the book was her chapter on Identity. She included a list of verses that declared different aspects of our identity in Christ, and encouraged readers to write them down and keep them places that you’ll see regularly.

I thought this was a good idea. So I stole a bunch of paint chips from Home Depot… la foto 1

and wrote the verses on them.

BOOM new room décor.
BOOM new room décor.

Then as I was looking at them the other day, I realized they would make a good blog series. So here we are! There are 22 verses/paint samples. Maybe this will get me blogging regularly again. 🙂

Identity is something the Church talks about a lot but really struggles to live out. I know I do! So for the next however long I stick with this, I’ll be blogging about what living out these… shall we call them, “identity samples,” 🙂 as an average 22 year-old Christ follower and student living in Christian hipster American postmodern millennial culture.

If you read, I hope the series is encouraging, makes you dig deeper about how God sees you, and reminds you of the magnificent vastness of your worth!

Love to you,



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