birthday prayer.

June 3rd, 2014: the last day of my 21st year of life.
Thank you, Lord, for another year.
Thank you that you designed the cosmos and the universe and everything unseen. Thank you that it’s beautiful and mysterious, a lot like life.
Thank you that I have nothing to fear in heaven or on earth because you are for me.
Thank you for creating me in your image, with more beauty and glory than I realize, just because I’m human.
Thank you for giving me free will, but then having a plan for me. You knew I’d one day discover how little I actually know.
Thank you for the gift of creativity, I sense that it goes much deeper in me than I realize.
Thank you for the family and friendships you’ve given me, and all the life experiences it can look back on, shared with good people.
Thank you for giving me moments and days of clarity, but also teaching me to walk by faith by keeping my vision foggy the majority of the time. This way I have to follow you closer.
Thank you for sober judgment of myself in those clear moments; for the grace to see my imperfection and yet feel accepted in your presence.
Thank you for all forms of grace, especially for that form that is Jesus, the divine ingenuity that led to my salvation.
Thank you for life purpose to live and love out of, constant companionship, fulfillment that is only lacking when I fail to take hold of it.
Thank you for your provision daily, your provision in tight places, your provision in adventure, your provision in travel, your provision in sorrow, and your provision in joy. Your provision is always enough, and most times, in excess.
Thank you for sunsets, for orchids, for public transportation, for colors, for laughter, for yoga, and thank you for expression.
Thank you for teaching me the value of gratitude, the depths of which I still don’t know, and I ask that you continue to teach me what a life of gratitude looks like.
Bless this next year with your peace, and allow me to live out of the power and love that is in the name of Jesus. Year 22, #leggo !

Love you Lord, thanks for loving me first, help me to love you more.