Yes, that is a madeup hashtag as the title. We’re hashtagging on Facebook these days, why not in WordPress blog titles? If you click it, it still takes you somewhere cool.

The following the description of the mission road trip some friends and I will be taking here in two weeks. I wanted to blog about the trip, but Katie Morario already wrote up this fantastically eloquent blurb for our GoFundMe page, so I thought I’d just post it here as well. We’re really happy, nervous, and excited, so I hope you’ll talk to one of us about it!

“Mission Roadtrip is an 8 day roadtrip across 4 states in connection with multiple churches, ministries, organizations, and cities. It’s given life by the heart of God and the feet of a couple college students. The goal is to simply live courageously for a week through taking bold risks in loving strangers the way Jesus did. This includes collaboration with existing organizations, but also blessing the homeless, taxi drivers, mail men, cashiers, office workers, children, the elderly, pastors, youth groups, soccer moms, the poor, hipsters, gangsters, hookers, Yankee fans, pretty much anyone who God loves. (aka: Everyone.)
As a team we’re trying to trust God entirely to provide us with hospitality, food, funds, teammates, and opportunities in spontaneous and extraordinary ways.

Perhaps this will be one of them.

Your money will foremost go to gas and food– Survival. Any extra funds that we acquire will go to organizations we work with, families we meet, authentic churches, the homeless, single moms, soup kitchens, strangers with flat tires, people behind us at McDonald’s who need just one more dollar– pretty much anywhere we see a need along the way.

We all know that times are tough. I totally understand a life of selling plasma for money and eating Ramen, or whatever the current cliché college food is, everyday. That’s why we are asking for very little.

Buy us a gallon of gas. That’s it. The current average for a gallon in the state of Indiana is $3.803. Since we’re a loving, Godly group of kids, we’ll only ask for $3.80. Buy yourself something nice with the remaining $0.003. 

If you want to donate a little more, that’d be great.
If you want to donate nothing and prayer for us, that’d be equally great.

Give whatever you can. Money, words, love, advice. Whatever.

Somewhere between Indiana and the Atlantic Ocean there’s dozens of people that we’ll encounter between August 3rd and August 11th. Help us help them.” 


So, this will be my life for a whole week starting August 3rd, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see how God works through us. It’s gonna take a lot of trust, but God is already working in me to show me how faithful He is, even when life feels precarious.

If you want to follow, my friends and I will be writing blog posts and keeping our supporters updated, as well as taking video footage to show them later! If you’d like to pay for a gallon of our gas (about $3.80), give less, or more, or pray, or just follow us, click this link –> Our GoFundMe page.  🙂


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