British Church and Upcycling

Last night at British Church (that’s what I call it, anyway) the speaker hit on something that I’ve been hearing everywhere lately. He was talking on a specific topic, but as he zoomed out to the eternal-perspective answer… the WHY behind how we are called to act based on Scripture, we got to see a view that gives hope and reason to most things these days. I wanted to share my notes, my paraphrase of his final point.


“We are living in the last days. 

After Jesus’ death, everything changed. Death and the old order of things were ushered out, a new order of things ushered in. 

God’s kingdom has broken in. 


But these days, blindness is thick. Truth is hazy. 

You know the war. 

But you also know Christ. 

His Spirit was given so that we may know Christ – and to know Him is to gather strength and clarity in these last days. 


We can’t comprehend the height of God’s calling on our lives (2 Cor. 6:16b, 7:1) — but the first step is living in that truth of the Spirit, and living in closeness with Christ. It is through this direction that He leads us into Magnificent Lives. 


After all, the purpose of the cross, and the administering of the Spirit, was not so that God may be convicting you and condemning you in every moment, but that so we may walk closely and in intimacy with Him in every moment. 

So that we might experience a restored version of the relationship we were created for.” 


I love this because it puts into perspective the intangible war between Good and Evil. You don’t have to be religious or Christian or spiritual or anything to know that the two things are in conflict with each other.

As believers we are on this side of Good, Love, Hope… the side that has already won. So all we are called to do is live in the relationship with God that Christ died for, and live it well so that others might know they’re invited into the same freedom. Yet so so so many of us Christians don’t remember the gift of the Spirit inside of them. Including myself… which is why God has been slamming me with truth about the Holy Spirit for this past month.


I also am in the middle of reading Love Does by Bob Goff. God’s been teaching me some really sweet things this semester, and somehow Goff’s life really exemplifies what it looks like to live out the things I’ve learned.

Really cool. I’m so thankful that God continues to grow and sanctify us… I tend to have those freak-out moments where I’m like, “I’m not getting better! I’m just a big mess, a pile of ugly hot mess!!!” And I look at where I am, in that moment, with that microscopic view I hold to myself. And I believe to the core that I’m truly still as big of a mess as I ever was. But then God gently helps me to zoom out, especially at “check-points,” or life transitions where I tend to process bigger chunks of life. Then I get to see how I’ve changed, the good I have gotten to do through Him, and the upswing, the rising trend in the presence of God in my life. Sometimes I think I’m a lost cause. But I’m really thankful, because God doesn’t seem to think the same way.

p.s. God loves to restore lost causes. Never think you’re too far gone, because it’s not true. If God had a business, it’d be a cool, vintage upcycling shop or a repairs store. No joke. He can make useful, cool stuff out of ANYTHING.

I’ve seen it.



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