this one’s for the girls.

So this is a post for all my ladies out there.

Something that keeps returning to my mind these past few weeks is the topic of women and self-image. And as we’re about to celebrate Mother’s day and all those lovely women who work so hard for us every day, I thought this would be an appropriate blog topic.


It’s no secret that within a woman’s thought-life, it’s common to compare, critique, and believe lies about ourselves daily. In certain seasons of my own life, it’s been such a constant undercurrent in my head, that I would almost forget it was there. Lately, I feel like I’ve seen lots of girls who don’t know their own innate beauty and value; you can tell in the way they carry themselves or sell themselves short in relationships. This breaks my heart! When God created Woman, He made a majestic creature. We can’t forget this.

I love this quote from the book by Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women, because I think it illustrates our uniqueness:

“You, God’s woman, are designed both strong and vulnerable.

Powerful yet tender.

More than able yet willing to yield.

You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth, and secure in yourself as you relate to others yet content in your God-given role.

You are a paradox—a potent mixture that surprises with your controlled energy, who inspires and entices by your mysterious grace, whose lifestyle causes others to reconsider and refocus their presuppositions, drawing them toward the God who makes a woman so rich, deep, and captivating.

So purposefully feminine.” 

As women, we have an unbelievable ability to be so completely focused and daring, high-achieving because of the way we are built. Yet many of us are built also with a desire to serve and humble ourselves. Like the quote says, we are a surprising paradox. We are capable of being a bright light with our ability to sense what people need, and then boldly encourage them accordingly.


So stop trying to be like other girls. You were carefully designed. Be who you are.

Do what seems right to you, not what seems like it will make you more attractive to men.

Go a week without makeup. You’re beautiful without it.

Work out and eat healthy because it’s healthy, not because you don’t feel good enough the way you are.

Your worth is not determined by the way you look on the outside, or even how funny or charming you are (Prov. 31:30).

Your worth is defined by the fact that one Man came all the way from heaven to live on this earth for 33 years, before dying a humiliating death so that YOU could have true life. So don’t ever let any man on this earth make you believe you’re not absolutely precious, and worth being cherished and pursued. The God of the universe says you ARE.

In a world where the devil is always trying to diminish our natural, God-given beauty and unique attributes, we have to choose to reject the lies that creep in. YOU are beautiful. Do you believe it?

I’ll be the first to say I’m getting kind of cliché here, but we really don’t believe these truths enough.

Oh, and this post isn’t meant to knock men in any way. They have their own strengths. 🙂 But tomorrow is Mother’s Day… it’s a day to celebrate strong women all over the US! So as you read this post and remember your worth, make sure you remind your mom of hers, too. She deserves it!

Speaking of, this post is dedicated to my own wonderful mother, Debbie Thomas. She’s one of the strongest, most giving, hardest working, humble women I know. Love you, momma! ❤


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