hashtag, language barrier probs

Everytime I think of a new way to explain it, I try and jot it down.



-A language barrier is like a tall fence. You can stick your arms and legs through the holes but you can’t quite get through.


-A language barrier is a door to which the only keys are hard work and time.


-A language barrier is a wall which very, very slowly dissipates.


-Language barrier~

Me: talking

Them: blank stare


-A language barrier means learning to be “totes fine” with awkwardness and looking stupid on a regular basis.


-A language barrier means having to go back to the beginning when it comes to understanding tone and syntax.


-A language barrier means having things called “bad brain days” or “bad food days.”


-A language barrier means just nodding and smiling.


Basically ladies and gentlemen, a language barrier is a humbling thing. 🙂 But aside from my expressions of slight discomfort, I hope you can see that a language barrier is REALLY good for expanding your mind and for growth as a person in general.

In general, I’m having a great time learning new things. I’m currently in a cafe with 5 minutes left until they kick us out (nowhere with wifi is open past 11!), but I’ll do a quick update. Sorry for my lack of pictures! (see FB :])

Clases are funny. All of my professors are women, and they are all crazy. In a good way. Also, I’m learning no one can pronounce “Jordan,” so I’ve officially just started telling people here that my name is “Jordania, como el río” 🙂 It’s easier… in the states I purposely write my name in cursive so people will know I’m a girl. Now, I don’t have to. Still do, but regardless.

Switzerland. Hm.. I’ll have to write a whole post about Suisa. It was a full weekend for sure! Lots of cool history, lots of confusion too. I learned lots: don’t travel in a group of more than 4 or 5, don’t book separate hostels that are 20 minutes away from each other, carry phones that work, and make a detailed plan before you leave. It was a fun trip for sure! I’m glad I went. I learned a lot about traveling, and about myself.

Welp, here’s the end of my short and vague update, more to come later!

Lots of love to those at home. I miss y’all!



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