first weekend.

Hola a todos!

So I’m here, safe and sound! And life is good.

It’s been a whirlwind of a three days. Today I tried to write the date but I didn’t know what day it was… I thought for sure it’d be like the 30th by now. We’ve seen a lot, walked a lot, and learned a lot in such a short time. I suppose that’s typical for culture shock, and it’s happened in a similar manner at the beginning of both my summer projects. But It’s definitely still tiring. 🙂


Beautiful Segovia
Beautiful Segovia

I’ll try and be concise with my updating… but with the mood I’m in I can tell this won’t be very sophisticated. I can feel my english grammar skillz getting shakier by the minute! It’s weird how that works. My head is currently a little confused. For one, not only because of the words you use but because of the syntax. They say things backwards or in a more straightforward manner. Also, I’m understanding and speaking Spanish better and better, but my brain isn’t sure whether I should think in Spanish or English. And most of us are speaking to each other in Spanish now, but there are some things that we don’t know how to say yet, or it just takes too long to figure it all out. So we’ve been cheating a bit (a lot) so far, when we get tired. But classes haven’t even started yet! I get the feeling they’ll crack down tomorrow and make us speak Spanish todo el día. But regardless, it’s even harder now to make myself think and write in English for this post. It might be kind of stream-of-consciousness… Bear with me 🙂



When we arrived in Madrid, the group gathered in the airport where we met our directors (Luis y Fernando). Right away it was todo en español. Haha. Some people are easier to understand than others. Fernando has a thick accent and a low voice. He’s harder to understand. But I can understand most of what Luis says. They talked to us a lot while we were on the bus from Madrid to Segovia, and well, that was overwhelming. It’s hard to hear on a bus as it is!

Our host families picked us up from the aquaduct in Segovia. My host mom’s name is Isis. She’s a short little 70-something old lady, and she’s so cute. She’s really active, and in great health for her age! She talks a little slower than other people and is easier to understand also. We live in an old apartment-like house about 3 minutes from the aquaduct, which is nice. I’ll post pics of the inside of the house. It’s an old house, so it’s small. I think it’s cute, though. She has two grandchildren, José and Silvia. José is 20 and studying to be a cop, and Silvia is in high school or “bachillerato,” and she is 16. I can’t say bachillerato very well (there’s like a T sound in the double L?) and she makes fun of me haha… I told her she’s just like MY 16 year old sister… sassy. lol But reallyyyy.. she’s sassy. I can’t understand what she says most the time because she talks so fast, but she says it with attitude. She lives with us during the week, because she goes to school near the city center and her family lives on the outskirts of Segovia. She and José are there a lot. They’re really fun, because they get sarcasm and stuff while Isis doesn’t.

Speaking of the younger generation, they watch our tv shows and they listen to our music. The tv shows are in Spanish, but the other night when Silvia was doing homework, I heard her listening to Rihanna. She said she likes American music better than Spanish music because “all of the Spanish songs are sad.” Also, in Madrid the mixing of cultures was even more apparent. There were a few Starbucks’ and there were people in the plazas dressed up like Spongebob, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Cookie Monster, ect. Just really interesting.


The first day we just got situated in our new homes and slept a little, and then met at 4:30 to see a little of the city center and our center for studying. We just call it “el centro” and that’s what I’ll call it here on my blog haha 😉

Friday some of us met up after breakfast (desayuno) and explored. We went home for lunch (comida) and Isis’ daughter and husband (parents of José and Silvia) came to join us. THAT was one of the highlights of the weekend. Lively doesn’t even begin to describe. All of them were so funny, talking so fast and talking over each other, giving each other a hard time, Silvia with her attitude. It was really hard to keep up but they told us not to worry, that we’ll be able to understand in due time. They keep telling Kiersten (my roommate) and I that we speak well for it being the first few days. They are encouraging. P.s. some people here have a hard time saying my name. Kiersten has just been going by “Christina” and when Yolanda tried to say my name it was too hard, so she just christened me, “Chon.” I was like “nooooo sueno como ‘John!'” But she didn’t get it and just proceeded to explain the concept of nickname, so I gave up. Guess they’ll just call me Chon. After lunch we all met up for a legitimate tour with the directors. It was funny because the directors took us on literally the same exact route we took that morning. We  hadn’t even known what we were doing. So, we saw the same stuff twice on Friday. 🙂

Saturday we got on a bus at 9am and went to Madrid.

Monumento a Filipe IV
Monumento a Filipe IV


Fernando gave us a little tour until 1:30 and then let us do what we wanted. Literally, it was 50 or 60 degrees out by midday. I was walking around in a t-shirt! My host mom said the weather right now isn’t normally so back-and-forth, but I said when you live in the midwest you’re used to it 🙂

We walked around el Parque del Retiro, and saw the Palacio de Cristal, which was my favorite part I think. It’s made out of glass and the only way I can explain it is when you’re inside you feel like you’re in a huge birdcage.

Palacio de Cristal
Palacio de Cristal con mi amiga, Kyra

We went back to a huge market that we’d seen in our overview with Fernando, to relax and try the sangría. The market was fun but expensive because it’s a tourist attraction I think. Then we shopped some of the shops with “rebajas,” but by that time we were exhausted haha. I think that’s when we gave up a little and started letting ourselves speak English 🙂 There was a guy in one of the shops… (“tiendas”… might as well try and teach y’all a little Spanish along the way)…. there was a guy who ran a tienda who was from Egypt, but his wife is from Oregon and now they live in Madrid. He speaks English, Arabic, and Spanish. So we talked to him for a while, but my brain REALLY got confused with him because he understood English better than Spanish, but he had an accent so I kept accidentally speaking Spanish to him. It sounded something like “como te..your name, I mean, te llamas, I mean, umm vale do you speak English or Spanish mejor?” lol. He was really nice and I guess he was bored because he kept asking questions, and Melinda and I talked to him for like 15 minutes. (And, you know. Harmless questions. Not like, “what’s your social security number.” I knew you were wondering. 😛 I’m too careful to give away information, no les preocupáis.) We took the 8:30pm bus back and we were basically so tired we were delirious. When I get tired I tend filter things less, and then add that to being language-confused… I’m sure you can imagine 🙂 Spanglish to the max.


When we got home our host mom made us a tortilla patata. Or at least, I think that’s what she called it. It was basically a flat quiche. We eat SOO late here. I knew that’s how it was, but I didn’t expect to dislike it.  We were extremely tired, but then you eat and try to use your brain to understand what your host mom is saying in Spanish, and then when it’s time to go to bed you can’t sleep… the food fueled you again and you had to wake up your brain to speak in Spanish, you know? Haha. It’s okay though, just different.

Honestly I’m surprised that I’m making such a great transition… usually there are a few bumps and maybe tears when I make a huge transition but I am literally SO fine. There are frustrations, but they don’t pile up on me like I would expect. Like, my room is freezing, and because of that I haven’t been sleeping well (I’m not one of those people that likes sleeping in the cold :P). There’s no way to really organize my clothes, and there’s no way to dry or straighten my hair. My skin is reacting weird to the changes, not hives or anything, just like teeny bumps every here and there. Probably just dry skin, because the air is dry… My legs hurt from walking so much. The laungage barrier and all the tiny cultural differences are definitely frustrating, everything is different, and my brain is tired. You’d think I’d be at least a little bit irritable, but all that, and I am still SO fine. Maybe moving so much and going on two summer projects is paying off 🙂 Or..  it just hasn’t hit me yet. Or… God is just answering my prayers for strength. I mean, probably that. 🙂 I also felt really prepared spiritually to be here, and have been able to keep a good perspective (thank you, sermon series on perspective at Heartland Church!). Also, so many of you at home tell me you’re praying for me. It’s crazy and I don’t understand why I have such good and faithful friends. Praise God, He is so good to me.

Speaking of the Lord, two other friends and I went to an awesome church this morning. Why it’s great: 1) it started at 11:45. More time for sleep! 2) The people there were sooo nice, and (since we are so obviously American) during the announcements at the end they had us stand up and introduce ourselves. Everyone was very welcoming and said to come back. 3) The sermon and songs were full of truth. The church’s doctrine is right-on. They love Jesus! It’s good to know that we’ll be able to get good teaching every weekend 🙂


Today all we did was go to church, eat, and then some of us met at a cafe to blog and do some prep before classes tomorrow. And that’s where I am now 🙂

Hopefully now I’ll be able to get to wifi with my computer more often, since classes are starting, and I’ll be able to blog more and in a more advanced fashion. 🙂 I know it’s more interesting to include more pictures and specific stories, but today I just dumped my first three days in here. If you read the whole thing, thanks! You probably love me. Haha


I really am blown away by how much love you all have shown me, and I am thanking God every day for such a wonderful support system back home. One thing that you realize when you go to such a strange place is how much you appreciate the people that know and understand you. Even these students in the group who are from Kentucky have a slightly different culture than I do! 🙂 Even if Muncie-indianer and Naptown aren’t my favorite places in the world, y’all get it more than anyone else ever will. And that’s kind of cool.


Prayer requests: Continued strength during the adjustment.. I know it’s not like this for my own comfort. This way, I get to be strong and support the other students who aren’t handling it so well. Pray for them, too. Most people in the group are reacting normally (aka a little homesick). Pray for school, which starts tomorrow. It might be a little overwhelming at first. Todo en Español is fine in small doses, but a whole hour and 4o mins twice a day might be different. Pray for my growth in the language, and that I would not give up but push myself to speak Spanish with people in my group. This first weekend I’m letting myself have breaks but it doesn’t do anything for my conversation skills. Pray for continued safety, because it’s definitely hard to tell who you can trust sometimes. Not that I’m going around talking to strangers, but I’d like to make friends here and literally everyone is nice. Y’know? Like, even the strangers you do talk to are sooo nice. You wonder who’s faking and who’s genuine haha. 🙂 Pray that I would continue to commit myself to the Lord and his agenda first and foremost, because I can tell it could be easy to make this trip only about me and enjoyment, but it’s not about only that. I know that if I trust the Lord with my time here, the experience will be so much cooler.


Thanks again for your prayers, and know that I miss you all! If you are reading this and you’re one of the people who left me a recording at the Abrode party, ahh you are so sweet. I haven’t listened to any except for the first (Cait, I love you)… I’m gonna try and space them out.


Dios les bendigan, lots of love.




I decided to look back through my Photobooth album today to try and find pictures of me looking excited over the years (…college years), because I wanted to effectively illustrate the emotion for this blog post. Plus I knew that IF I had selfies, they’d be in Photobooth. And I found some! Cuz come on, you know you experimented with photography via Photobooth when you first got your Mac, too…. HA…

Let’s start with the “I’m-a-freshman-in-college-and-think-I’m-cute-with-my-stuck-out-tongue Excited Face”:

Photo on 2011-02-01 at 21.01 #2

The “with weird sister” excited pose:

Photo on 2011-10-15 at 01.31 #2

The good thing about Photobooth is these are chronological


SO excited

Ok I just included this because I miss my long hair…

Look how cute I thought I was... with my long hair... (RIP)

But here’s what I really look like…

Photo on 2012-09-15 at 18.21

Annnnnd taken today just for you:

Photo on 2013-01-22 at 13.57 #4

EX. CITE. MENT. Through the years. Don’t you love dorm room pictures, regardless of the situation?

As for today, I leave tomorrrow. My flight takes off from Indy at 2:20pm.

With one stop in Atlanta, I’m set to arrive in Madrid on Thursday at 9:30am!

I feel as ready as I’ll ever be.

PS I just realized it’s gonna be incredibly hard for me to be completely serious with this blog if I’m updating about just normal life. BUT I’ll always include a serious prayer request section at the end, how about that?

Prayer requests are that 1. God would be preparing my heart to lean on Him completely through culture shock and getting adjusted to speaking Spanish full time. 2. That I would be dilligent in spending time with the Lord before anything else each day so that I can remain in a continual understanding of His love, and consequently loving other people well!! 3. That all travels would be safe and smooth. Sometimes long flights at high altitudes can give me REAL intense sinus headaches/jaw tension that I have to just try to ignore until we land, but in the past it’s made sleeping on overnight flights real difficult. I’m hoping I don’t have that issue this time, but even if I do I’ll just be happy to make it overseas safely.

Thanks if you’re following and look for my next blog post from Spain!


españa: intro

Well, here I am, writing my first post about my travels to Spain this semester. (!!) Officially, this is my transition post into somma that travel blogging.

In case you weren’t around when this blog started, let me tell you that it’s returning to its roots a bit. I began this blog to document my Summer Project with Cru in San Diego, which happened a little over 6 months ago. Time flies, man. So here I am, returning to the original purpose of the blog, which is to keep all of you at home updated on my adventures, if you so wish to read.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 8.57.50 PM

The photo above is my street in Segovia! This is where I’ll be livin’, folks. Or at least, that’s what it looked like in 2011 (photo screenshotted from Google Maps… thanks Google.)

Hopefully from now on, I’ll be taking and using my own photos of Segovia (and other places), and I’ll try to post the most exciting pictures. The mass of pictures that are sure to come will be accumulating in an album on my Facebook profile, so if you want to see more pics that’s the place to go. 🙂

How am I feeling, here a mere 7 days from my arrival in Segovia, Spain?


A little nervous.

Ready for an adventure… or ten.

Inadequate in the Spanish language (just finished level 202 hollaaa).

Super blessed to have this opportunity.

Kind of sad to leave my friends but…

Just… really, really excited.

In the next few days here I’ll post some of my goals/aspirations for the next three months. God has been really sweet in giving me some sort of direction, encouragement, vision, whatever you want to call it. He hasn’t even shown me anything specific, I just know great things are going to happen. God does cool things along every step of my journey with Him, so I guess I can expect that regardless. BUT look for some more posts before I leave.

Official countdown: 6 days before I’m hoppin’ on that plane.

J 🙂

very inpiring blogging.

Hey y’all!

So I’ve recently been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Twice, actually.


I must admit I’m still not up on the WordPress way of life, and don’t understand awards very well. BUT from what I’ve seen you just make a post following the rules, which are below:

Here is how to receive this award: the instructions…

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Post the award image on your page
  3. Tell seven (7) random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate fifteen (15) other blogs

I was first nominated (a month ago, really) by blogger terry1954, who writes about daily experiences and often does the Daily Post prompts 🙂 I love the compassion and trust in God that I often find in her posts. Thanks for the nomination, Terry! And I’m sorry I originally didn’t know what to do with it! 🙂

The second time I got nominated made me realize there was some sort of response involved. Ha! A week or so ago I was nominated by afreshmind, who is a good friend in real life. He writes about a range of topics, all discussing his thoughts on God and the world around him. He’s one of the best writers I know. Thanks for the award, bro!

7 facts about me?

  • I love public transportation
  • I’m addicted to grace
  • Fast food is not my thing
  • I’m happiest a) when I’m performing/singing or b) when the sun is shining
  • I’m starting to think I may never own an umbrella for longer than a week without breaking it
  • Brown eyes are my favorite kind of eyes
  • I have a silly, unique (translation — strange) sense of humor

And NOW, 15 blogs to pass the torch to. Well, like I said above I’m not really the girl who’s up on wordpress enough to regularly read other blogs (maybe I will someday if I’m ever a stay-at-home mom or something…). But for now, in my college-lyfe-induced ignorance of the blogosphere, I’ll nominate for the good things I DO know 🙂 No partic order:


1. JUMP FOR JOY! Photo project – great blog that’s always uplifting (heh… see what I did there) because of the quotes and the pictures of people jumping are legitmately, really cool.

2. Brad – This dude. Lemme tell ya. His blogs are life updates and daily musings, and they’re always so encouraging/inspiring because of his positive and compassionate outlook. Did I mention he’s a childhood friend and goes to my school? Great guy, great blog.

3. Sara – She doesn’t update her blog very often but when she does, it’s great. This girl is definitely one that comes to mind when I think of inspiring people. She was on my summer project two summers ago, and although I don’t get to talk to her much, she’s one of the most fun, caring  people and so dear to my heart. She is a social work major and has a huge heart for special needs kids. I love hearing her talk about this! ❤

4. Ashley – Are we allowed to link non-Wordpress blogs? Well, I’m doing it anyways. This lady always provides refreshing perspective and I love seeing her thought processes as she updates her blog. A good friend in real life, and truly inspiring to me 🙂

5. *bellaMUMMA – This is a girly blog if I ever saw one! Lots of beauty and home tips, I like to drop in every now and then.

6. The Wren Project –  This past year the blog “sought to show that everything around us and within us is interesting and holds immense experiential value and worth.” Totally so very cool! She’s also joined the fight against human trafficking… win win win win win. Love the posts I’ve read, and I’m excited to see what comes with 2013.

7. Boy Meets Europe – He only has like three posts and they’re already making me even more excited to travel this semester! This is the blog of Nick, who I have met once and will be in Spain with for the next three months. He’ll be documenting his travels, so follow him if you want a better documentation of my trip than I can (or will) probably provide! 😛

8. Lois Eighmy – This woman is a serious soldier in the fight against human trafficking. She also is just an inspiring person all-around, you can tell just by reading her “about me“. Love her posts and hope to read more this year.

9. 365 Days in the Garden – I love the inspiration for this blog, and the journey she’s being taken on. Her posts are real, gritty, and encouraging.

10. Coffee Chats & Yoga Mats – I like this blog because 1) It’s funny. 2) She likes coffee and teaches fitness classes. 3) She loves God. Okay, NO, I’m not nominating myself! (I’m not funny, remember?) BUT yes, miss Cortney Kay and I have a lot in common. Guess that’s why I followed her :). You should follow her too.


Okay people, I would go all the way to 15 but I’m pretty sure I’m runnin’ out of steam here. Thanks so much again for the nominations! I feel honored because I’m not even as dedicated of a blogger as many of you out there in the ‘sphere, but guess I’m doin’ something right?! Here’s to a new year of blogging and renewed high hopes for consistency. 🙂


Blog post comin’ tomorrow to transition into a travel blog 🙂


In it to END IT

So I’ve recently joined a movement called END IT.


There’s a really teeny graphic for you. They apparently don’t have much designed for their site yet.

It’s a really new development, launched just days ago, so I hope you’ll read on. This is about something happening right now in our country, and in the world. It seems to be what’s on God’s heart right now.

I’ve decided to actually concentrate on fighting a specific inequality in our world, and become a hardcore advocate of the organizations in the battle. This is pretty rare for me, because while I’m compassionate I’ve never been the typical definition of activist.

I had always thought, “there’s so much bad in this world, how can you choose one thing to be more passionate about fighting than all the others?”

Homelessness. Poverty. Abuse… I get overwhelmed just typing those words. I want everyone to be saved from suffering, y’know? And always, I want people to be saved from spiritual slavery more than anything. Most people who don’t know Jesus are enslaved to themselves… I know I was before I understood that God had provided a way out of legalism and perfectionism, and separation from Him. I definitely care about being a good person but it no longer determines my salvation, and I live in the freedom of grace each and every day. It’s a joyous life. So in the past, I have focused on sharing this great message of freedom, and growing to live more and more the way Jesus did.

In the last few months of this journey, God has been teaching me more about how Jesus calls us to care abou the lowly, the helpless, the desperate. So I have definitely tried to do what I can as a full-time student. Donating to fight world hunger here, volunteering at a homeless shelter there. But honestly? I tend to get overwhelmed by the humongous need.


This is one reason why I hadn’t wanted to  BEGIN truly letting myself think about the horrors of human trafficking, especially the sex trade.


I have friends who post about it on Facebook all the time, but I just couldn’t bring myself to become one of the hard-core warriors against it. I think it was because I was afraid that its abolition was impossible; that it was an issue too big, that too small a group of people cared about. I was afraid the evil swallowed up the good in this situation. I admit (with shame) that I wasn’t about to join up against this cause because I was poorly educated and I thought progress was impossible.

The good news is, that’s not true at all. This past week I watched the live streaming of the Passion 2013 Conference in Atlanta, GA. The annual conference focuses a lot on the issue of slavery in the world. I learned a good deal more, and it turns out it’s an issue that’s a quite different than hunger or poverty. Those things will unfortunately always exist, I believe until the day Jesus returns, just because of the way our economy works. There will always be demand for food, and a demand for money. Of course if all the rich people decided to live below their means and give the rest, maybe we’d get somewhere. But that’s a different point. Human trafficking isn’t about food, and not exclusively about money. The demand is perverted. It’s dishonest and unlawful, and it denies approximately 27 million people their basic rights every day. It’s a human problem, not explicitly dealing with our economy or a societal food chain. It’s one result of all those other negative things I listed above: women, children, and men are abducted or swept into the industry due to homelessness, poverty AND abuse everyday, and I’m sure the list doesn’t end there.

The thing that really kills me is the amount of children forced to be a part of this industry. They are being traumatized and stripped of a normal, healthy life each and every day. Here’s one example of an inside-look on the sex trade: Love 146 Story. Or you could watch Meena’s Story.

I don’t know about you, but those stories jar me a little. There are countless other articles I could post, reporting raids, or recording testimonies of women who were subjected to violence and forced to do horrific things, whose pimps tattooed marks of “ownership” across their bodies. I urge you to become educated and read about the specific people. Their stories will change you.


So anyway, if we are talking about desperate people, I don’t think there’s a larger or more helpless group. 27 million. If Christians don’t rise up here and fight for these people, then who are we anyway?

These people are in so much pain, there’s a very slim chance they could believe God is good. At least not enough to trust Him as their savior. That’s the biggest injustice, to me. A lifetime of pain and unfair circumstances? That’s horrible. But an eternal existence separated from God? I believe that’s much worse. So, yet another reason I think the slave trade is worthy of the energy to be stopped. And as it turns out, massive amounts of energy are being exerted to stop it.


The other factor that changed my perspective about the fight against human trafficking was the amount of organizations who are actively fighting the war against human slavery, and a great majority of them are walking in the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish it. It gives a lot of hope, to see that there are systemized categories of organizations and movements that are walking with God to successfully liberate victims every week from this evil.

Check out the END IT movement to get the inside scoop on this battle. I linked the website, which is the newly-launched hub for a plethora of anti-slavery organizations. It also has a pledge you can electronically sign, signifying that you are in for the next four months or so to actively do what you can in your own way to fight human trafficking. Each organization has a different function or comes from a different angle, all working to Awaken, Prevent, Rescue, and Restore. I’ve linked just a small portion:


Polaris Project –  features a hotline victims can call to be rescued

Slavery Footprint – find out how your everyday consumption affects the slave trade… how many slaves work for you?


A21 Campaign – among other things, helps fund the training of law enforcement officers all over the world to help identify trafficking victims

Free the Slaves – educates and protects children in countries all over the world about the reality of multiple forms of slavery

Not For Sale – engages the business and governmental world to fight slavery


International Justice Mission – they’re in there, busting the brothels.


Bombay Teen Challenge

Out of Darkness

Tiny Hands International

10/40 Connections

Hagar International 

Ratanak International 

Restore NYC 

She Is Safe

Warm Blankets Orphan Care

Wellspring Living

I don’t know about you, but it’s encouraging to see that so many people are working to fight this. It’s possible to abolish it, if we do what God is asking us at every crossroads. This means that if you feel the call to help in any specific way, you will. It’s more a question of obedience, rather than muscling our way through.

Here’s one of the last things I’ll say and one of the most exciting: On December 31, 2012, President Obama declared January 2013 to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. January 11th is officially National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Our nation is rising up against this, and now is the time to get educated, talk to God about your role, and come together. Much can be done if reg’lar ole citizens get behind the organizations fighting this. They need funds, they need volunteers, they need citizen support to push laws that will keep the problem away.  It’ll take a large group of people in our generation deciding to trust God, be brave, and talk about this issue… join together as a nation. I’m just one other person who is finally becoming passionate about helping these people. It’s been long overdue, and I hope I can be someone who educates someone else, just like how the people running Passion helped educate me.


So nope, this blog post does not mean I’m suddenly more passionate about social justice than global missions. Actually, I’m only learning that they go hand-in-hand. Physical and spiritual needs met in one. It’s how Jesus worked, and I think things like this in our world are only a call to trust God more. To paraphrase a friend: social justice can often get separated from a pusuit of Jesus. But I think there’s a way to do this WITH God. In fact, it really won’t work any other way .

It feels overwhelming to “actively care,” but it’s more about asking God to show you what you can personally do. How you can be involved the way you would with politics or other common goings-on in the world. This problem is common, so why would we who are free continue to ignore it, when there are things (even small-seeming) we can do?


My friend Kris is a choreographer for a modern dance troupe on our college campus. He came over to my house to watch Passion. After the week of discussion and education on the issue, he’s starting to think about the next dance show he choreographs, and how he can tell the story of modern slavery to raise awareness.

Personally, am highly involved in the art world, so I’m already thinking about how I can raise awareness through creative expression and talking to other artists about using their gifts in the same way. One of my ideas involves talking to gallery curators to see if they would host an exhibition featuring art that raises awareness, and then giving part of the profit from the exhbition to an organization that I listed above. This is just me taking a step to talk to people I already have connections with.

How can you use your connections and gifts to shine a light on modern slavery?


I hope this post has encouraged you to face what is happening in our nation and our world right now. We are rising up to fight it. Will you be a part of it? I hope you will! If you decide to, make sure you stop by to sign the pledge. This will get you on the road to action, using what is already in your hands.

Blessings, and remember that we are the generation who can END IT!