Verbal Processing

Scenes and Monologues: a collection of potential situations.

Conversations/circumstances that always seem to be on the verge of happening

Random musings that work as a monologue

Sophomore year of college 


8) Verbal Processing


I’m so terribly aware that there is only the world as we understand it individually.

If we each see the world in different ways, then what is truth?


That sort of thought makes me contemplate the possibility that everything I know in this world could be a delusion… which it really is. Why are good things perceived as good? I bet there’s a scientific theory to explain that, but they are still basing their fundamental truths on something assumed, if you dig deep enough. And people act upon shared paradigms everyday, so that they are no longer an option of a way to look at things but rather the ONLY way to look at things. I just wonder how shockingly different things will be in heaven, when our paradigms are not tainted by sin, namely selfish ambition.

See, and even by stating that there will be a heaven I am operating under my personal perception of truth. Yet I still know in my inmost being and have seen enough in my own life and the lives of others to know that there is a God. If nothing else is for certain, nature itself cries out that there is an almighty Artist at work, and that He is GOOD. How else could flowers and sunshine be so beautiful? And then if there IS a God, and He aligns with scripture which aligns with history, then I am led to believe that the Bible is true and trustworthy. How wonderful, in a world where everyone has their own unique mental construct, to have an ultimate source of truth! Once a person can believe that there is truth found in this Book, so many other wonderful, solid things begin to take hold of that life.

One would learn that not only did the Lord leave us this guidebook in a strange and messy world, He left us with His Spirit as well, to act as an even closer counselor.


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