Scenes and Monologues: a collection of potential situations.

Conversations/circumstances that always seem to be on the verge of happening

Random musings that work as a monologue

Sophomore year of college 


4) Convictions

An address


Women – why are we all so willing to throw away our precious independence for the sacrifice and self-denial of marriage? Just admit it, if you’re the average 20-or-older woman, you desire to be married to (or act like it with) someone almost all of the time. Is this because we think that the love we will receive from a husband is worth it; that it will be enough reward for all the pain and trials we will endure for the sake of unity with another sinner? Because ladies, continual self-sacrifice is the price that must be paid for a godly and rewarding earthly relationship. But let me tell you: this intimate love that you crave is already available to you! What wonderful news! We don’t have to wait around forever for some other human being to come pick us up and make us whole. We can still have that when it comes, but as an add-on rather than an integral piece to the puzzle of a soul. How blessed we are as Christian women to often receive both kinds of these loves. But it blows me away that we have been under a delusion this entire time. I still believe in it every day. I believe that a man will someday be able to love me like I need to be loved, and everything will be peachy. Lies, lies, LIES! Marriage will be absolutely difficult! Right here and now, I’m living the good life! Elisabeth Elliot said, “What about [privacy,] unilateral decision-making, independence, time, space, name, geography, career, ambition?” So what about all of those things? They are absolutely mine for the time being, and I take them for granted each and every single day. I wish them away. I beg to sign my name on the dotted line so that I have no choice but to share them all with another imperfect selfish person, as if I wish to complicate my life as much as possible. Let us stop right this instant – stop wishing and waiting and whining. Someday I want to make sacrifices in order to be united with a deserving, God-fearing man, as the Lord intended. But since today I’m not married, I choose to spend my time learning to accept the wonderful agape love that has been sitting right in front of my face.


–> series intro


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