REC Days

Scenes and Monologues: a collection of potential situations.

Conversations/circumstances that always seem to be on the verge of happening

Random musings that work as a monologue

Sophomore year of college 


9) REC Days


She’d met him at the REC. Same shift, every week, always together. Equipment desk.

“So how’s the day goin’?” he’d ask.

“Oh ya know, just peachy.”  She’d reply.

They’d sit there and chat for five minutes before turning to their respective homework assignments. She couldn’t decide if he was fascinating and mysterious or the most boring person she’d ever met. She didn’t know if she hated how low and gravely his voice was, or if she loved it because of how closely it made her listen. So sometimes she’d strike up conversation again, always trying to decide.

She found that he liked to travel, and prompted him to tell of all the places he’d been. He listed them off for her: Boston, New York, New Orleans, Seattle… mostly for trips with the Architecture program. Did he sound bored to death when he talked about the trips because the equipment room was a boring environment or because he wanted to sound cool? She talked about her trip abroad to Spain in an impassioned voice – surely the passion would be contagious? “That’s awesome,” he said coolly, not unkindly. Geez, what would it take for this guy to be himself? She thinks as she returns to her homework.

The shift ends, and they both clock out.

“Have a good day,” she throws out over her shoulder.

He’s like a car stuck in neutral. “Yeah, you too.”

Not unkind, not uninterested. Genuine, passive. Ambiguous.



–> See this post for series intro.


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