Scenes and Monologues: a collection of potential situations.

Scenes and Monologues: a collection of potential situations.

Conversations/circumstances that always seem to be on the verge of happening

Random musings that work as a monologue



I have this document on my computer ^

That I probably won’t update anymore

Because it was me trying to experiment with playwriting (last year)

And now I have learned a lot more


I want to post a few

In no particular order

I end to overexplain

So I’ll let them speak for themselves

Even though none of them make total sense by themselves..

But you can take what you want

Be encouraged (or not)

That someone else thinks too much

Sometimes feels alone (or used to)

Has convictions

Goes off on tangents

(That she frames as monologues)

And constantly searches for truth

Even after it’s been handed to her.


(Honestly this collection could just be called “Sophomore Year of College”)


5) Rejection: a monologue

So you know how it is. You audition or try out for something, and you get called back. Good sign. You read some lines and leave, and then when you get home you wait, refreshing the web page with your email inbox about 50 times per minute. Then, and this is my favorite part… you get the email. It takes forever to load when you click on it. You feel strange, like you don’t know why you even care. It’s just a play. There will be plenty more plays down the road. But you do care, and you know it by the rush of adrenaline as you begin to read the names in the email. You know even more how much you care after the third time you scan the cast list, still not finding your name. Your heart drops into your stomach, and while you feel dumb about not getting a part, you feel even more stupid for letting it affect you. “This is just one show,” you tell yourself. “Surely I just wasn’t right for any of the parts. Someday they’ll see. I’m talented. I didn’t really want to be in this show anyways.” You tell yourself every excuse possible, but little lies and a maybe few truths creep into your mind, shooing away all notions of positivity. It’s like a little devil on your shoulder: “You haven’t been in a show all year. How many times do you have to audition before you actually get a role? No one will even give you a chance. You just suck. That was an audition for a studio show at a civic theatre. What makes you think you could be in big shows if you can’t even get cast in a studio show?? You should just give up.” And the little angel on the other shoulder is like, “Now wait a second, that’s the kind of attitude that will make you fail no matter what you are trying to do! Keep chuggin’ along! Someone will give you a chance!” They continue trying to sway you for, well, probably the rest of the night. You believe each of them in turn. But all the while you’re trying to stop it because, I mean, come on! You have more dignity than this. You got a callback. You can’t possibly suck THAT much. And rejection can’t bother you; you’re a theatre major. It’s part of the business. All you gotta do is be extra strong… and yet, sensitive enough to relate to any character in the world.

That can’t be too hard, right?


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