Sunshine Summer

Hiya blog world!

So I just typed up that title because it sounds pretty. Not that it hasn’t been sunny, but a better title is probably “sweaty summer.” Here in Indiana, the temperature has been in the humid 80’s and 90’s almost every single day (when it’s not storming). Maybe even 100 some days.. I’m not the girl to ask because I don’t usually check the weather. But let’s just say the second half of my summer has been HOT. Nothing like sweat and mosquitos to make a girl miss Southern California.

But now that I got my complaining out of the way, the second half of my summer hasn’t been too shabby! I’ve spent most of my time in both Muncie and Indy, never staying either place for too long. Here are some highlights:

1) I modeled for my friend Laura Hapner, photographer for Snaphappy Photography. These are some faves!





Isn’t she great?

Check out her Facebook page:

2) Sang in the wedding of two wonderful friends, Brad and Mindy Root! …I don’t have any pictures yet.

3) Wrote a song for the first time on the guitar.

4) Stayed in random people’s houses/apartments in Muncie during rehearsals for Faeries, Sprites, and Lights, a festival for little girls at Minnetrista Cultural Center which took place this past weekend. I was a character/improv actor for the event and had the privilege of playing make believe with little girls in fairy costumes and getting paid for it. The festival included me and 7 other “friends of the faeries”, crafts, a bubble garden, a scavenger hunt, a skit, food, fairy souvenirs, and of course hundreds of “fae” and their houses (…which I helped a bit to make) all in the beautiful Oakhurst Gardens. It was pretty awesome, and I got some improv training which was new and fun! I have definitely become more childlike this past month. Here’s a pretty accurate sample of what most children looked like at the festival:


Oh, and two faerie houses I helped make:



I thought there would be a number five but those are really the most interesting things I have done this summer. Tomorrow I am jumping off the edge and getting my hair cut into a short bob-type-thing… eeks. Kind of scared, not gonna lie. Last time I had short hair I was awkward and chubby and… twelve years old. But I’m doing it anyways… yolo, right? (..JUST KIDDING…)

The truth is “Destino Part 2”, as we had decided to call the month or so after Summer Project, has been interesting. Not bad… just sort of unsettled. I’ve traveled a good deal, so that makes sense. Sometimes this sort of lifestyle can give you the feeling of being alone, since keeping in touch with ANYONE constant is hard work. I’ve also been reading Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud, and basically the book is about bonding and boundaries in relationships. It’s written by a Christian psychologist so I’m learning things…  mostly things that make me realize how messed up I am, how messed up my family is. The Fall did some major damage, man… and every time I start to forget it doesn’t take too long to be reminded again. BUT the cool thing is that through all of that, I’ve been able to see God’s faithfulness in an entirely new way. I may not have any constant people in my life right now, and I may have a lot to work on to create a healthier way of relating to others, but the Lord has been with me all along the way. For one He took care of that brokenness from the Fall long ago, He restored it. He’s also been taking care of my heart perfectly, and it’s the most amazing thing to see. When I put myself in different contexts every week and with different people, facing different battles, it’s easy to become unsure of who I am. But what I am praising God for this month is… that I don’t have to know. He is SO constant, so perfect in His loving… I can just look in the word to be reminded of who He is, and though that, be reminded of who I am unshakably in Christ. A loved, treasured princess of the most-high God. When I feel messed up, it’s the most comforting thing ever to remember Jesus’ sacrifice, the event that defied all logic to bring me wholeness. The event that still defies logic when it makes me feel treasured in my brokenness.

And of course, what a perfect segue to bring up my next reading adventure… I plan to read Radical by David Platt when I’m finished with my current book. It talks about how to live the way that Jesus calls us to in a world that is living for vain pleasure and selfish ambition. I’m sure I’ll make a whole blog post about it soon.

Until thennnn!

Dios les bendigan


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