Hey lovely friends… it’s me again. 

Well here I am, sitting on the bed in my house in Indianapolis, Indiana. Meaning I’m no longer in San Diego, which is a bummer but I’m happy to say that I love being home as well! I’ve had a busy week filled with rehearsals and wedding festivities (I was a bridesmaid this weekend), so this is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and write a summarizing blog post about my trip. 


Some favorite things now that I look back on the experience: 

1. My church family at La Promesa. If you haven’t been following up to this point, just let me tell you that I had the privilege of going to an all Spanish-speaking church while in Cali. The hospitality (which often comes with fantastic authentic Mexican food) was impeccable. I felt like I should have been taking notes about how to treat guests. These people were selfless and kind, and wanted us to feel as at home in California as possible. Two of my favorites were an older couple named Ruben and Letty, from Guatemala. I feel like they are my Latino grandparents. In fact, if I go back to San Diego any time soon, I’ll probably just stay with them in their house since they offered! Also there was Pastor Bogar. La Promesa isn’t a huge church or anything, but I was still blown away by how often he used his time to personally talk with us or treat us to lunch. Pastor’s wife is sick right now (pray for her!), and he also uses his time to volunteer long hours at the nearby hospital, praying with families and sick people. I haven’t met very many people who are so selfless. When they drove us back to our apartments after the last Sunday, he gave each of us a hug and told us to write him an email from time to time. I really do feel like we got to be pretty involved in our church, and I hope they were as encouraged by us as we were by them. Ahh, I miss those people. 


2. The GREATEST news about the whole Destino trip is that we basically accomplished what we had traveled there to do! We began our journey in San Diego as the first-ever SDD Summer Project, with very little direction or understanding of what it would take to actually see a Destino movement take shape at San Diego State University. No one in San Diego had even heard of Destino. But we prayed a lot, stayed faithful to our purpose as a team, and God showed up! Through our initiating conversations on campus with surveys, He slowly but surely provided some dedicated leaders who are really engaged and ready to take on the responsibility of starting a Destino movement on the campus. Courtney is the girl that I talked about in a previous post — she had started hanging out with us a lot in the third week or so, and we didn’t really know where her heart was about Destino until the last week. She feels that God is calling her to use her leadership skills to head up this new ministry. SO COOL 🙂 Also we have a couple other people, I don’t remember their names but I think we have another girl or two on board, and possibly two boys. If they can get an SDSU faculty member to sponsor them, they will be set to make Destino an official organization on campus! Courtney is already working on finding the faculty member and last I heard she has a couple prospects, so it’s all very exciting. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes in the Fall, when they are spreading the word to Latino students about Destino. It’s so sweet to have been a part of the small team that broke ground in San Diego. My prayer is that thousands of students will hear the name of Jesus and give their lives to Him, all because of our short 5 weeks of relying on the Lord to lead us. 


What did I learn personally? So much! God taught me about humility, boundaries, modesty, service, community, His faithfulness, my brokenness, and gave me an even deeper understanding, appreciation and awe of the great sacrifice of Jesus. It’s amazing and unfathomable how rich the blessings are that stem from the most amazing event in history. If you want to hear more about what I learned personally, I’d love to chat with you. I’m just trying to keep these blog posts relatively short so that supporters don’t have to wade through details to read about the fruit of their prayers and donations. 


So once again, a huge thank you to those of you who supported me either through prayer or financially. I ended up being fully supported (!!!) which was a huge blessing. It’s always a bit scary to rely on God for everything, but He never fails me so I’m glad for the opportunities to trust Him more. 


I’m going to continue to blog about just normal life and ministry on my campus hopefully, so if you have the desire, feel free to continue following. 🙂 

Peace annn blessins,



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