lean wit it rock wit it

Hi friends!

So phew.. I feel like I get more and more behind on this blogging thing, but someday I’ll figure it out. Let me tell ya, this summer I have done way better than I did last summer (cruisingandcrusading.blogspot.com… check it out, there are like 5 posts total).

Overall this trip has been great. We’re still a little over a week away from leaving, but I’m already starting to see some things in hindsight.

God has taught me so much while here in San Diego! I knew He was going to (see first posts), but I literally am going to have to process for weeks after I’m home. God has been teaching me things about myself, my sin, my gifts, my ministry, and how He plays into all of that. It’s been a rough but wonderful time. I’ve never had to trust God so much in ministry, but He has always come through. As a team, it’s been difficult because we are pioneering this group here on SDSU’s campus. We never quite know how things are gonna go! For example, this week was kind of a flop. By the world’s standards anyway.

See this week we decided as a team that we were going to do less surveys and start holding more events, hoping that we would meet more people as they came to our free get-togethers. We called it “Sports of All Sorts Week”.  Monday was soccer, Tuesday was whiffle ball, Wednesday Megan and I taught a free fitness class, Thursday we handed out free popsicles and invites to our weekly meeting… sounds fun right??? HAHA. It was interesting… we met a few people, and our labor wasn’t in vain, but did we have scads of people participating in our casual sports matches? Nope. Usually, it was just our own group members. But in spite of the setbacks, I’m confident that our endeavors have not been in vain. I don’t know how yet, but I’m sure God has used our efforts this week for something good. If nothing else, we got to meet a girl named Crystal who is on vacation this week. We randomly started talking to her when we were setting up for our casual fitness class, and she ended up hanging out with us the rest of the day and coming to our meeting tonight. She really liked the meeting, and said it was “eye opening”… God works in crazy ways right? He will reach who He wants through us, Latino student or otherwise. Also, this week has been a good week for team-building. We always have to be flexible here, but it’s been an especially challenging week and we’ve had to push to continue to “lean wit it rock wit it.”

While this has been a week of trying and, let’s be honest, failing… we still have some prospects of student leaders for this movement after our 4 weeks here. I think there are a good half dozen prospects… that’s half of what we would need to begin an actual Destino movement! That plus some of the leaders from the Cru movement on campus and we might be good. Praying praying praying… our work here has not been in vain! There WILL be a Destino movement on SDSU’s campus. It’s cool to think that we have gotten to be part of laying the groundwork.

A cool thing about last week was getting to meet one of the Destino staff members for the Long Beach movement, Olivia. She has been on staff with Destino for I think 9 years?.. and we got to hear about what God is doing through Destino all over the country. It’s a very new ministry, and they are extremely understaffed. But the need for the ministry is insanely great. Due to the exponential growth of Latino families in the U.S., white people won’t be the majority for much longer, especially here out west. There aren’t many ministries reaching out to this people group, even though they are so prominent. Destino is one of the quickly growing movements to reach Latinos for Christ, and it’s been cool to be a part of it. Who knows, I might continue to be a part of it later down the road too… that’s something I’ll be continually praying about. I have never pictured myself being on staff with Cru Ministries, and especially haven’t pictured myself doing ministry and living on the west coast. Another country maybe, Chicago, good chance. But California? Haha. I wouldn’t be complaining if this is where God wanted me, but I wouldn’t have seen it coming. More on that later.

This weekend Christina and I get to sing at our Spanish-speaking church, La Promesa, for offertory and as part of the worship team 🙂 What a blessing, right? The pastor and a couple of the women took us to dinner one day and found out we were musicians, so then they proceeded to ask us if we would sing during their church service. I’m excited to get to sing in Spanish, and with one of my talented sisters in Christ. I’ll actually be living with Christina this upcoming semester as well… all good practice for how much we’re gonna sing in our apartment! 🙂

Well, it’s rather late at night so I’m gonna be wrapping this up. But if you are reading this thank you for keeping up! I really have appreciated all the support I have gotten from friends and family who have made it possible for me to be here making an impact all the way in California. Your prayers and financial contributions are multiplying themselves. 🙂 God is going to do a great work here in San Diego, so not only am I a part of that, but so are all of you who have prayed or have given money towards this Project. Thank you so much.

Until next time! I can’t promise it won’t be the last day of project or once I’m already home, but keep prayin’ and I’ll update eventually!

Dios les bendigan!


2 thoughts on “lean wit it rock wit it

  1. God is so amazing!! Just the simple fact that you’re able to say that there’s a TEAM of people on SDSU’s campus is such a God thing. Remember there’s is no such thing as failure when it comes to taking steps for God…100% success rate every time.

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