Wassup Real World

So it’s been 11 days since I last blogged….. oops. Let’s be honest, I was a bit aware that this might happen. I’ve been pretty focused on life here and keep forgetting to make time to get to a computer for an hour or so. The question now is, what do I update you all on first? Basics, or the more interesting nitty-gritty?

Let me just begin by saying, if you want to see the interesting and fun things we’ve been doing on the weekends then you can go to my Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/spring2green and check out my albums and the pics I’ve been tagged in! All my pictures are from weekends, because we have Saturdays off and that’s when we do things that are more picture-worthy. Besides that, each day usually consists of some sort of team meeting or prayer, ministry on campus, and then some sort of team event in the evening. We stay pretty busy! It’s been a good, yet challenging time.

Over these last three weeks, I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations. I’ve gotten to lend an ear to many people, hearing their stories and letting them be heard and known. I’ve gotten to share the gospel with several, as have my team members. A few people have even come to Christ! Besides making conversations and reaching out to others, our main goal is to find leaders to head up the Destino movement we’re attempting to start. We have gotten to bond as a team while we power through being pretty much directionless in that aspect. We’ve had to learn what it looks like to truly depend on the Lord and pray for direction and power, and do our best while leaving the results to God! We haven’t found any solid leaders for the movement yet, but we’re not about to give up looking anytime soon. We have a few prospects, and so we’re just continuing to pray that God would bring us leaders.

On Thursdays, we have a dinner and meeting for Destino. It’s formatted like a normal Cru meeting with silly/informational videos or games, worship, a talk, and fellowship. We’ve been inviting as many people as possible, mainly Latino students, to come join us. If you want to be praying that God will show up in a big way on our project, you can pray that He will bring Latino students to our meetings. We really want Destino to develop into a place that is culturally-Latino, so it would be best to be run by Latino students. It would be cool if we could begin to see those students coming to meetings before our 5 weeks here are over.

One of the questions I have personally been working through actually has to do with our own culture. In the midst of cross-cultural training, the question “What does it mean to be an American?” was raised. It seems like a silly question, but do we really know? When we think of “culture” we think of cool things like tightly-knit families, certain tasty foods or perhaps even a different language. We don’t think of a cheeseburger. Maybe in America we think of independence, which is good for the country… but how about individuality? Things can get worse when family members don’t stick together. As a pretty dang caucasian part-Irish/mutt female, I didn’t ever think about whether or not I had a heritage. Am I even proud of my heritage? What’s so good about being an American? My next blog post might be centered around this…? Stay tuned.

I also want to talk about some of the things I’ve been learning spiritually in another blog post (as well as some more things… I haven’t been including many of the fun details!). A lot of things have been going on, which means if you ever prayed that God would work “in and through us,” He has been faithful! God is moving on SDSU’s campus, and simultaneously using the people here to work in my own personal life and bring more sanctification. Awesome, lovely sanctification (#sarcasm). Definitely feelin’ that refining fire. Gettin’ crispy. But what is more praiseworthy and worth the pain than becoming more like Jesus?

I can’t think of anything.

More to come later, when it’s not 12:15am. 🙂

Dios se bendigan amigos, estoy muy agradecido por su amor y soporte. ¡Hasta luego!


One thought on “Wassup Real World

  1. jordan! i love that question about being an american because i was just talking about that with my roommate last night. We spent a day this week studying generational curses and how sin patterns are often passed down through generations. She is korean and one of her sin struggles is not only picked up from her parents but tendencies from her country. And she was saying how she doesn’t like it when white people are like oh im just white, because that negates all history an individual has- spiritually, culturally, etc… Thought you might enjoy those thoughts 🙂

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