First Week Reflections

Hey friends!

Things are going well here in San Diego! We officially began ministry on Wednesday and so we have been at it for three days now. Going on campus, talking to people about their culture and inviting Latino students to come to our Destino events. So far, we haven’t had much literal success with people showing up, but we have been able to share the Gospel a few times and it’s always awesome to hear other people’s points of view.

On Wednesday I was out with Chelsea and Maura, two other girls from my team. We got to talking with a woman named Linda. Linda was actually an older Latina woman, probably in her early 40’s. She told us that she had 3 kids, and she was back in school after divorcing her abusive husband of 20 years. She was working toward a double degree in Spanish and English… talk about dedicated. I liked Linda from the moment we began to talk. She was open, and passionate. She loved God and said that she had recently left the Catholic Church because it didn’t support her divorce and plus her particular church wasn’t teaching truth from the bible. She discussed with us the strains in her family because of this, and how she doesn’t discuss important things like beliefs and politics with anyone she knows because they don’t agree. This tension between the two cultures is exactly the sort of thing we as Destino are attempting to help soothe. We told her she was always welcome to join our meetings on Thursdays and that we would love to discuss with her and study things in the bible with her. She seemed encouraged, and hopefully she will start coming to meetings next week.

Also on Wednesday we talked to an Asian girl named Mindy. She was Buddhist but sang often at a Catholic church, which was fascinating. She said she kind of pulled what she wanted from each faith. We asked if she’d ever been explained what Christians believed in completion, and since she hadn’t, we got to explain the whole Gospel to her. She asked good questions and was very interested. She said she had definitely never heard it all explained in one concise manner. We left the KGP booklet with her and told her that she is welcome to join our Destino meetings. Even though she wasn’t in the people group we are here to reach, it’s cool to see how God is working outside any parameters we have put up.

Since this project is so new, we’re sort of stumbling along and trusting God to work in spite of our “failures.” Stepping out in faith, trusting the Spirit to work, and letting God do the rest. The most comforting thing is knowing that He is working in and through us even though we’re only here for a short time and every single day here is an experiment of some kind. If nothing else, we’re working through kinks that will help make projects here smoother for years to come!

Tomorrow is our day off, so hopefully we’ll get to explore a bit more and maybe do some more “decoding” of the area, to try and find out where students can be better reached.

So you can pray for us as we talk to people on the beach, and also just for finding Latino students who want to come to our Thursday meetings! We’ll definitely be needing some prayer warriors as we try to crack and decode how things work ministry-wise on the campus.

Love and miss my friends and family at home. I hope all is well in the ‘Nap.

Hasta proximo vez!



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