I wrote this on Thursday and it wouldn’t post… but here it is now!
The past couple days have been kind of surreal for me. I knew things would start to come together here in the end but it’s still always so humbling to see God’s faithfulness and power.
As of now, I leave in 6 days!!
Tuesday I went from 25% to 33% supported, and then later that evening, 50%!! 🙂
Wednesday I started promoting Jennifer Van Elk Photography, because she said she would give me a dollar for each “like” I could get her on her Facebook page. It was crazy to see how many people supported me in one day, spreading the news about her page and her generosity. I felt so blessed just because people wanted to help me, even if it just meant posting something on their Facebook wall about it. She really does have such beautiful work, so I have been so glad to promote her page! I am still in the midst of working to get more likes on her page.
Today I got an email from the church that we literally JUST started going to this past month, I had sent them a letter just in case, even though they don’t really know me. In the email, they said that they want to support me $500! Praise the LORD!!! I started crying when I saw that email… I feel like that had to be a very prayerful, Spirit-led contribution. They don’t even know me! Humbled beyond belief.
Also today i found the notebook with names of people I sent my second batch of letters to, which is a praise because making follow up calls is such a big part of this process, and if I didn’t have the names then I couldn’t find the numbers! I made some calls, and connected with some people who had forgotten but wanted to help, ect.
Besides that, things have been falling into place for the coffee shop gig, which will be on Sunday evening at the Lazy Daze Coffee House in Irvington. Three of my dear friends will be performing, and they have offered to give me any donations that people make. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I’m so blessed in friendship! Here’s so hoping lots of people come, and at this point not really for the donations, but for the efforts of my friends. They are all so talented, I can’t wait to see them shine!
I’m now 68% supported… I’m still not there but I am trusting that God will get me there.. None of this is my own doing and it’s really not about me in the slightest anyways. I am the messenger, and the people who want to give are the senders. There are each in the Body of Christ and while right now I’m the one being sent, I hope I can be a sender someday, too. Its so exciting to think that someday I could bless someone in the way I’ve been blessed!
Whoever may be reading this, I am so encouraged and blessed by the support I have recieved. This is how the Great Commission is being fulfilled! We have to support one another in finances and in prayer. I’m going to San Diego, but I might get training there that will prepare me to go somewhere someday where people have never even heard the name of Jesus. It’s all part of His great plan, and I’m just grateful to be a part of it.

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